A Few Words From Our Clients…

I got the job! This eGuide really works!

If you follow this eBook, it’s almost all you need. It’s good to have someone to talk to, but if a person can’t afford to hire a coach on a regular basis, this is the best alternative. I know it works because it got me the job I’m leaving and the one I’m going to.” Elaine J.
  “This resume looks very good.  It makes me sound like I feel.” –Nancy H.
Three Jobs, Three Offers

“… Larry Light’s help got me three job offers. OK, maybe that’s giving him too much credit but after six months of fruitless job applications and interviews, his assistance on interviewing really helped me focus my communications during subsequent meetings with job prospects. His suggestion that every interview is an employer’s response to a problem that needs solving allowed me to better prepare for the interviews by researching ahead of time (via Web, friends who worked at the company, etc.) what the problem might be. As the interviews progressed I was quickly able to move past the cordialities toward affirming the key problem(s) the interviewer needed to solve. Then I was able to gain more control of the discussion by always filtering my responses in my mind and bring the discussion back to the key issues if we got off track or away from my strengths. Also his analogy of an interview being like a first date prompted me to always put my best “foot” forward and not be shy about why the interviewer should absolutely want a second “date.” The result, three interviews, three job offers. All Larry’s advice? Probably not. But I’m sure glad I had his words of wisdom before I met with each company.

–Eddie R. [who worked for a large credit card company and who, ultimately, worked for a Silcon Valley giant that issued an IPO]

Identifies Goals & Helps Achieve Them
“… Mr. Light is a reliable and aggressive individual who can identify goals and helps people achieve them.”
–Hugh L. [well-known Los Angeles lawyer]
“…  Larry was very easy to work with, and offered some great perspectives on my background that helped me see my expanded value to employers and muster the courage to take my career in a different direction. He was a good listener (we worked over the phone) and helped me tune and focus my elevator speech, and was an objective party in reviewing the outcomes of job interviews. I would recommend him as an asset in any career search.”–Tim P.

Immediate Results!
“…  Larry was very helpful in preparing me for a transition several years ago and I was immediately successful in acquiring a new position.  Thankfully, the techniques he taught me were internalized and stayed with me for future use!  I have just recommended a senior professional, job-seeking friend to Larry and hope she has contacted him by now for guidance.”–Nancy L.

“… I’m reading your eGuide. It’s fantastic!!”– Elaine J.

The Perfect Job Finding eGuide
“… OMG, Larry, you are a genius. The graphics POP and the text is just right. How long have you been working on this guide? Sorry, it’s perfect!!!!”

– Advance comment by Claire G.  [retired H.S. teacher]

Confidence Building
“… great input whenever anything arose. That enabled me to make the most of every opportunity that came up – whether the opportunity was a potential job, a way to do things more efficiently and productively, or one of your 6 elements that was not being utilized well or at all. What might have been the most important benefit to me, however, may have been the sense of confidence and level of comfort that I felt. It is a great comfort to know that there is a credible person available with whom to discuss strategy and from whom you can get a reality check when a job offer seems imminent.”

– Steve R.

“Depth of high level business experience with substantial companies allows you to understand and explain the search from the employer’s side of the table and provide realistic responses to an infinite variety of potentially changing situations… Real life experience in the job search mode made insights ring with authenticity…”– Steve R.

Support & Great Advice

“You were a terrific source of support as well as some very practical advice:

1. The multi-level job search
2. Canvassing the entire coffee industry when I got some interest from B—– C—–
3. The power of networking
4. The need to hold back on salary as well as the line, ‘I have made a lot of money and not so much money.’ I used it at every interview that I went on after you told me! And that was a lot of interviews.
5. Your wonderful way of being supportive without being patronizing!”

– Patricia V.

Thank You

“Especially I thank you for:

  • Setting up a specific agenda and work plan for my job search
  • Pointing out how many resources and potential contacts I have
  • Review and polishing my resume
  • Allowing me to become discouraged AND kicking me in the butt to keep it going
  • Follow ups to assure I was following my work plan

As you know I landed at R————- as Director of Production & Manufacturing. I’m responsible for the printing and related services for the company.”

Alan D.