A Few Words From Our Clients…

John S.

Gilbert, AZ

Larry has been a huge asset to me both times I have enlisted his support. He has coached me and given very valuable insight and direction when I had uncertainty on which way to frame my background and experiences. He is the full package. He is expert in Resume crafting, Cover letter creation and interview prep. His own vast amount of experience was key to me both times I used his services. If I have need again, I will most certainly solicit his support again. I cannot stress enough how helpful he was for me from beginning to end of my job search process. 


A key thing to consider is; Time is money for all of us and the sooner you get back to work, the sooner money flows in again. Larry will shorten this time gap guaranteed if you follow his advice.


Sarah W.

Irvine, CA

Larry is incredible at delivering large group presentations to help college students find a job and nail it once in it. Out of all the people that I have met, Larry is definitely one of the kindest and always puts people first. 


Larry is an authentically caring, insightful, and profoundly helpful interview guide. Highly recommended! I interviewed for the Truman scholarship and got nominated for the school. He has taken care of me throughout the application and interview process, and is truly kind!


Eddie R.

San Francisco, CA

Larry worked with me on a couple of job hunts. He is super personable and has great insight into what employers are looking for, regardless of the industry. One piece of advice, in particular, was amazingly helpful in subsequent job interviews … Every job is an employer looking to solve a problem. Identify what that key problem is and then use the interview to convey yourself as the ideal solution to that problem. Brilliant!


Amy S.

Irvine, CA

Larry did a great job helping me re write and format my new resume. It was painless and quick and Larry did a great job of following up to help me help him write an excellent resume. I spent about an hour and a 1/2 with Larry and in that time he was able to articulate what I needed him to in the contents of the document. I would definitely use Larry services again. His prices are also quite  Competitive and reasonable.


Birgit H.

Manhattan Beach, CA

Larry Light was exceptional in understanding my personality and helping me to find not just any new position but my vocation. I appreciated that he really took the time to get me as a person. And, therefore, his job coaching never felt like a cookie cutter approach which is very important to me. When we started our collaboration, I just knew for sure what kind of a career I did not want to have anymore. Now, with his amazing support, I am in the process to execute towards my true aspirations.  I don’t think I would have been able to move professionally in the direction of my dream that fast without his job coaching.


Steve R.

Malvern, PA

“Depth of high level business experience with substantial companies allows you to understand and explain the search from the employer’s side of the table and provide realistic responses to an infinite variety of potentially changing situations… Real life experience in the job search mode made insights ring with authenticity… 

Patricia V.

Philadelphia, PA

You were a terrific source of support as well as some very practical advice:

  1. The multi-level job search
    2. Canvassing the entire coffee industry when I got some interest from B—– C—–
    3. The power of networking
    4. The need to hold back on salary as well as the line, ‘I have made a lot of money and not so much money.’ I used it at every interview that I went on after you told me! And that was a lot of interviews.
    5. Your wonderful way of being supportive without being patronizing!”


Ralph G.

Houston, TX

“Especially I thank you for:

  • Setting up a specific agenda and work plan for my job search
  • Pointing out how many resources and potential contacts I have
  • Review and polishing my resume
  • Allowing me to become discouraged AND kicking me in the butt to keep it going
  • Follow ups to assure I was following my work plan


Alan W.

Glendale, CA

As you know I landed at R———- as Director of Production & Manufacturing. I’m responsible for the printing and related services for the company.”


Hugh L. 

Studio City, CA

“…  Larry was very easy to work with, and offered some great perspectives on my background that helped me see my expanded value to employers and muster the courage to take my career in a different direction. He was a good listener (we worked over the phone) and helped me tune and focus my elevator speech, and was an objective party in reviewing the outcomes of job interviews. I would recommend him as an asset in any career search.”


Nancy H.

New Rochelle, NY

“This resume looks very good.  It makes me sound like I feel.”


Elaine J.

Princeton, NJ

Writing about the eBook “Everything You Need To Find A Job…”  Got the job! This eGuide really works!  If you follow this eBook, it’s almost all you need. It’s good to have someone to talk to, but if a person can’t afford to hire a coach on a regular basis, this is the best alternative. I know it works because it got me the job I’m leaving and the one I’m going to.” 


Fred H.

Bryn Mawr, PA

“In one sitting you reduced my job search to six critical elements and gave me a “managed” approach to its execution. You broke into the self-depreciating cycle I was getting locked into. And you relieved the anxiety by affirming to me that EVERYONE can improve the effectiveness of a job search if they get emotional support and management for their search. All in little more than thirty minutes!”


Hamid L.

San Jose, CA

Larry has been enormously helpful in coaching me to find the most effective way to address key points of my work experience in formatting my new resume. His vast knowledge of various industries helped greatly in updating my resume for a niche market field that I specialize in. I highly recommend Larry’s services.