Resume Writing

For a free personalized critique of your resume, cut and paste the resume text in the contact form at the bottom of the page in the message section, or email us directly and send it as an attachment to [email protected].

Your resume is the most important item in your job-hunting toolkit. It presents you to the world. When I work with a client, I interview them in depth for from 1 – 3 hours, to dig into what they’ve achieved. I’m good at this digging and often find items that people have forgotten or didn’t even realize they’d done. I work hard to quantify your achievements because it makes them real. This makes for an extremely powerful resume because employers always want to hire achievers. I also create a summary that encapsulates you, presenting you immediately to the employer, in effect selling you to them before they get to read the detail that backs it all up. For some clients who have been laid off and demoralized by it, by the time we’ve finished with their resume, they’re feeling more confident about their abilities and what they can offer an employer. The resumes I create work hard to get interviews. Creating a powerhouse/killer resume is usually the first step in the personalized coaching I offer.