“The Only eGuides You’ll Need To Find A New Job”

For do-it-yourself”-ers only!

  • Contains everything you need to produce a “powerhouse” resume .. a cover letter that gets interviews … what to do in an interview to get the job … networking for those who don’t do it currently!
  • Based on what I used for clients who got interviews!
  • Full of specific steps and how-to’s, as well as detailing clients’ experiences!
  • Easy-to-read and use!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back, no questions asked!

Four critical areas make the difference between getting the job or not!

If you’re feeling stalled, and frustrated, because your efforts don’t produce results …

If you send out tons of resumes and get no responses …

Or – if you get as far as the interview, but find they’ve picked somebody else… 

These eGuides will get you back on track!

Dear Job Seeker:

What we’ve done – based on fifteen years’ experience as a successful job coach – is build  short, easy-to-read eGuides and 1 hour-long Videos containing actual case studies — covering each of the essentials, everything you need to master each Critical Stage of your job hunt, to show you howto successfully handle all the tasks in each stage.

What’s In the eGuides ?

You’ll find…

  • Actual case studies,
  • Real stories illustrating how clients got jobs,
  • Tips,
  • Real life documents (e.g., Cover Letters and “Killer Resumes”).

We’ve included…

  • Step-by-step lists of tasks,
  • Complete explanations why you have to do certain things  and not do others,
  • Scripts for you to use, and
  • Analyses of what will happen at each Critical Stage of your job search.

All is based on…

  • Materials “known-to-work”,
  • Fifteen years’ experience helping clients to find, and get, jobs;
  • Each section covers a single subject completely; and, it’s
  • All written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow colloquial style. 

There Are Four Critical Stages

The Critical Stages of your job search are described below:

“Killer” Resume …

  • Your Resume is the first “go” or “no go” point that you have to be concerned about.  The eGuide and Video give you a complete understanding of how to create an exceptional “Killer” Resume, to make sure you’re included on the prospective employer’s “Yes” list.

A Cover Letter that gets you the interview …

  • Shows how you can quickly (in less than half an hour) construct a personalized Cover Letter for each job, to insure that your skills are matched to the job’s requirements, which will then compel the employer, because it’s such a great “match”, to choose you for an interviews.

Interviewing, so they pick you for the job …

  • Teaches you how, after you’ve been selected, to  interact with the various interviewers, so they recommend you for the job.               


  • Networking, which scares far too many people is completely de-mystified. How you can do it is correctly laid out, in simple-to-follow steps anyone can understand.  This is a non-threatening approach, never requires “cold calling” or being “pushy”; and it can be done by anyone in any type of field. Sales or marketing experience not required!
  • Networking also gives you current knowledge of the field you’re searching in “what’s happening now” in real world terms, like salary levels, skills required, which companies are best, plus…
  • There’s an extra section, outlining an alternative, radical approach that can teach you to find your “dream” job.  Designed for the experienced, adventurous, tough-minded job-seeker, this separate part of the eGuide offers a completely different, radical alternative to find that “perfect” job.

Get started again!

Our easy-to-use eGuides and Videos will help you get started again quickly and successfully. They can even be fun, because they’re presented in such an easy-to-absorb style with lots of interesting information in each.  They’ll not only show you what to do, they’ll give you confidence. And each eBook/Video combination reinforces your learning experience!
They can help you to pinpoint what doesn’t work, what you haven’t been doing in your current job search, and what you must start doing to begin getting positive responses, interviews and jobs. They will carry you and support you through this entire process; and, because they’re so complete, you’ll end up knowing all you need to become a “top” candidate.

Quotes About These eBooks

“If you follow this eBook, it’s almost all you need. It’s good to have someone to talk to, but if a person can’t afford to hire a coach on a regular basis, this is the best alternative. I know it works because it got me the job I’m leaving and the one I’m going to.”–Elaine J.

“This resume looks very good.  It makes me sound like I feel.” –Nancy H.

“… Larry Light’s help got me three job offers. OK, maybe that’s giving him too much credit but after six months of fruitless job applications and interviews, his assistance on interviewing really helped me focus my communications during subsequent meetings with job prospects. His suggestion that every interview is an employer’s response to a problem that needs solving allowed me to better prepare for the interviews by researching ahead of time (via Web, friends who worked at the company, etc.) what the problem might be. As the interviews progressed I was quickly able to move past the cordialities toward affirming the key problem(s) the interviewer needed to solve. Then I was able to gain more control of the discussion by always filtering my responses in my mind and bring the discussion back to the key issues if we got off track or away from my strengths. Also his analogy of an interview being like a first date prompted me to always put my best “foot” forward and not be shy about why the interviewer should absolutely want a second “date.” The result, three interviews, three job offers. All Larry’s advice? Probably not. But I’m sure glad I had his words of wisdom before I met with each company. –Eddie R. [who worked for a large credit card company and who, ultimately, worked for a Silcon Valley giant that issued an IPO]

Not based on theories

We stand behind everything in each eGuide and Video. That’s because they’re based on fifteen years of personal experience as a job coach, successfully working with a wide range of clients … because everything in each one is “known to work”.  It’s “real stuff.”  The materials and step-by-step lists aren’t based on “theory”, or some academician’s ideas, or what’s looks or sounds good.  It includes real documents that got my clients jobs!

I’ll repeat it: What’s in each eGuide and Video is “known to work” because everything, every step, every script, every list of tasks included in them, actually got  interviews and then jobs for my clients. In one case, it got one of our clients a six-figure job. In another, it got a highly-technical individual a high-paying job with a major company in the aerospace field. In a third, it got a woman a job that was created specifically for her and her idea of what needed to be done, plus a salary of $90,000.

Why I Created these eGuides and Videos

Fifteen years ago, when I started building a coaching practice, I made a decision to interact with clients strictly by telephone, so anyone — East Coast to West Coast, North to South – no matter where they lived could be helped.

As I worked with more and more people, the job market became  more competitive — because more and more qualified people were applying for positions and there were layoffs and fewer jobs were created. I estimated at one time that more than 300 resumes, minimum, were received for each job advertised or placed on a web site.

Resumes, Cover Letters, Didn’t Work

Many clients had well-written resumes and wrote adequate cover letters. But, unfortunately, even resumes from professional resume services that looked so good, didn’t do the job of getting my clients interviews.

Cover letters were time consuming, and fatiguing, for far too many clients. If they had to answer more than one or two at a time, often didn’t get done.

Interviews were a subject of dread.  Those who had no experience being interviewed often were over-confident.  Very few job-seekers had analyzed what actually happens in an interview and why certain individuals were chosen and others were not.

These were professional people who, though thoroughly educated, had had plenty of real world experience and success in their own field, but had never been exposed to the rigors of job hunting and had a real lack of knowledge about what worked and what didn’t.


So, I decided, to be a good job coach, I would collect “what was known to work”, and built a methodology around the entire process, showing how and why such techniques and materials would enhance my clients’ success.  I looked for  Critical Stages in the job-seeking process, and distilled them down to the all-important “make or break” ones.

I also realized that there were more people out there who didn’t want to be coached one-on-one, or couldn’t afford a personal job coach, yet were hungry for guidance.  They wanted a “do-it-yourself” approach.

Because of this, I created the eGuides and Videos for resumes, cover letters and interviews. Later, I created the additional guide for networking, so people who didn’t know how, or were afraid, could easily find a job with less competition and sometimes even have a job created for them.

A price within reach

I didn’t want to price any of this out of the reach of anyone who could use it, including those who were, in this terrible economic environment, unemployed. So I bundled it together, came up with the essentials (Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing, plus Networking), and priced them at a price that is far less than what most coaches charge for a single session.  A recent quote, from a client, explains it far better than I can – “If you follow this approach, it’s almost all you need.  It’s good to have someone to talk to, but if a person can’t afford to hire a coach on a regular basis, this is the best alternative.  I know it works because it got me the job I’m leaving and the one I’m going to.”  Elaine J.
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Free Assistance

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