About Us

What is eJobCoach?

While some people call us career counselors or mentors, we prefer the term “personal job coach” because it’s active and results-oriented. eJobCoach is based on the principle that anyone involved in a stressful, highly-goal-oriented task —  a competitive  athlete, or a business leader, or a person searching for and landing a job — needs one-on-one assistance.  But because many people are “do-it-yourself-ers”, and can’t afford direct coaching, we’ve also created four eBooks/Video Workshops that are inexpensive.  (Click here for more information about our eGuides/Videos.) The sad truth is that while many people have invested years of training and experience in their field or profession, they are amateurs when it comes to job searching.   That’s why having your own coach:

  • Provides objectivity and accountability;
  • Teaches you how to conduct an effective job search;
  • Keeps you focused and on the right track to a new job;
  • Provides expert assistance with networking, even for shy people;
  • Teaches you how to tap into the “hidden” job market;
  • Shows you how to write “Killer” Resumes and Cover Letters;
  • Helps you to be pro-active with Broadcast Letters;
  • Provides interviewing tips, skills and techniques;
  • Counsels you on working with recruiters and head hunters;
  • Maximizes your salary negotiations; and much more…

It goes without saying that all of our offerings are designed to help people find jobs quickly!