Job Coaching Services

Weekly Job Coaching Assistance

On a weekly basis, we’ll set up hour-long sessions that will:

  • Plan your week so it’s filled with realistic, productive tasks.
  • Review your prior week’s activities.
  • Examine any problems you encountered and work out solutions to solve them.
  • Point out blind spots.
  • Provide emotional support when your morale dips.
  • Teach you how to perform critical job-hunting activities.

In short, we’ll make certain that you’re involved in multi-level job search that is proven to bring results. In so doing, we’ll make sure that you find that good job in the shortest time possible.

Our methods are based on real-world, successful job-hunting experience. It’s proven to work. Just ask our┬ájob coaching clients. With our assistance, they landed the jobs they wanted – not just any job.

Find out what a job coach can do for you. Just tell us your career and job search goals. Then let us show you how we can help you achieve them, faster.

There is no long-term obligation. You can try it, evaluate its value, and then continue to utilize this service on an hourly basis – for whatever period of time you wish.

To discuss scheduling a session, call (949) 716-3581 or e-mail us at

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