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This eGuide covers the Critical Stages that determine if you get the job. Learn to create “Killer” Resumes, Cover Letters that get interviews, Interviewing so you’re chosen, and how to Network to find “hidden” jobs.

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Find A New Job or Get a Better One with eJobCoach

What is eJobCoach?

While some people refer to us as career counselors or mentors, we prefer the term "personal job coach" because it's active and results-oriented. eJobCoach is based on the principle that anyone involved in a stressful, highly-goal-oriented task -- like searching for and landing a job -- needs assistance.  The same principle hold true in competitive sports.     To reach even more people, we recently created “The Last eGuide You’ll Ever Need To Help You Find A New Job.” (Click here for more information about our eGuide.) The sad truth is that while many people have invested years of training and experience in their field or profession, they are amateurs when it comes to job searching.   Similar to a competitive athlete, having your own coach:
  •       Provides objectivity and accountability;
  •       Teaches you how to conduct an effective job search;
  •       Keeps you focused and on the right track to a new job;
  •       Provides expert assistance with networking, even for shy people;
  •       Teaches you how to tap into the "hidden" job market;
  •       Shows you how to write “Killer” Resumes and Cover Letters;
  •       Helps you to be pro-active with Broadcast Letters;
  •       Provides interviewing tips, skills and techniques;
  •       Counsels you on working with recruiters and head hunters;
  •       Maximizes your salary negotiations; and much more…
It goes without saying that all of our offerings are designed to help people find jobs quickly!

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Reduce the time it takes to write your Cover Letters, while still keeping them effective!

Make your “Killer” Resume more effective with a Personalized Cover Letter

Your personalized, as opposed to a boiler-plate, Cover Letter is a key to getting the interview. It often makes the difference whether your resume gets read or not. In fact, some employers who won’t read a resume unless it’s accompanied by a Cover Letter; others use it to determine if your resume is worth reading because it shows how your work experience corresponds to their job requirements.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how can learn how to analyze the job description, de-construct it, and then quickly write your own effective Cover Letters, so you can begin to use them right away to begin to get called in for those elusive interviews!

To get started with our Cover Letter writing Service, call (949) 716-3581 or send us an e-mail at

If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, order our eGuide “The Last eGuide You’ll Ever Need To Find A Job” or get more information about Cover Letters by clicking here.

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